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    Soap Bars

    Soap Bars

    The High Desert Soap Co.soap bars are environmentally friendly. We make them from scratch using both the "Hot Process" and "Cold Process" methods of soap making. Both methods use all natural oils and butters. This allows us to control the formula and to maintain an all natural glycerin solution.The main difference between hot & cold is in the cooking and curing stages. With the "Hot Process" method we are able to sell our bars in just a matter of a few days, where as the "Cold Process" method calls for a 30 day curing period. Since we seldom use a melt and pour base we can control the right mixtures in our time proven formulas. 

    We do not try to get "fancy" with our soap bars. They don't look like cupcakes or chocolate sundaes.They are hearty, they are large and they offer a superior bathing experience.

    From our Idaho line, chose from Country Comfort, Hells Canyon, Desert Dusk, Bay Rum. Check out the three bar box discount.

    For the gals, we offer an excellent choice of all natural spa soaps.